BMW Rear compartment monitor 10,2″ 6815911 F90 M5 G30 G11 F15 F85 F16 F86 017376017376


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Fits for: 

5′ F90 M5
5′ G30
5′ G31
5′ G38
6′ G32 GT
7′ G11
7′ G12
X5 F15
X5 M F85
X6 F16
X6 M F86

VIN: G577444
From car: BMW 5′ F90 M5 M5 S63M
59211 Kilometer

65506815911 – Rear compartment monitor (10,2″ schwarz)

There are visual defects on the rear displays! Little scratches on the silver frame around the display! Please, carefully check the photos before buying!

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